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I am trying to get back into sports. Sadly, swimming has been out for quite some time because of Corona. I also haven’t run a lot since the birth of our child, but, with the days growing warmer, that should be “just” a matter of discipline. (And I absolutely don’t want to catch a cold right now.) Solo cycling probably is too time consuming, but we often go for family bike trips on the weekend with our bike trailer. I would like to replace some more everyday car trips with biking, though.

I joined to support environmental projects and to help plant trees.

I am figuring out what to do with this website. Sadly, I am super wary of giving away too much on the Internet these days.


Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. (Book three of fourteen. Phew.)

Broken Earth series by N. K. Jemisin.


Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition. It feels a bit dull, but it runs smoothly on my laptop and getting back into the game after a few days is quite easy. So it’s a good game to play even for ten minutes or so.


Some Like It Hot (1959) by Billy Wilder. Excellent movie.


Choral Fantasy (op. 80) by Ludwig van Beethoven.