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Any other way
Shell snippets
Nils Koppruch †
fink, nilskoppruch
PHP-Includes: Niemals ohne __DIR__
Wie man effektiver arbeitet (Fischli/Weiss)
art, fischliweiss
Streaming DVD video over LAN on Ubuntu Linux with VLC
PHP snippet: Circular shifting of an array
PHP snippet: Iterative calculation of permutations
Algorithmic Advent: 24 – Value object stack parser (PHP)
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 23 – Frequency of words in a text
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 22 – XSLT transformation of custom format to HTML
Algorithmic Advent: 21 – Binomial coefficient (n choose k)
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 20 – League tables with PHP
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 19 – File extension filter iterator (PHP/SPL)
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 18 – Jonsole
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 17 – Displaying the structure of an XML document
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 16 – Expandable tree menu with PHP and jQuery
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 15 – C64 Koala Painter file converter
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 14 – PHP/jQuery Ajax testing template
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 13 – PHP Caesar cipher generator/cracker
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 12 – Clean URLs with mod_rewrite
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 11 – Raphaël JS demo
javascript, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 10 – Hexadecimal representation
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 09 – Run-length encoding
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 08 – Namespace autoloading
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 07 – A very basic templating solution
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 06 – Transform DOMNode to array
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 05 – Inserting gnuplot images
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 04 – Easy grouping with array_reduce and closures
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 03 – Addressing a multi-dimensional array index by string
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 02 – Longest intersection of two strings
php, algorithmicadvent
Algorithmic Advent: 01 – Weighted picks
php, algorithmicadvent
Seiteninterne Links und Ausgaben-Escaping: Bitte abstrahieren Sie!
PHP Snippet: Get all permutations
php Mitmachquiz: Gästebuch und Kontaktformular
Developers Shame Day: You've Come a Long Way, Baby
PHP/XSL Snippet: Replacing line breaks with <br>
PHP Snippet: Custom error handler
Greasemonkey: Auto-"read on one page" for news sites
PHP: A helper function for rendering calendar table layouts
programming, php, snippet
PHP: Using XML as a "lightweight" markup language
programming, php, xml, dom
PHP: Adding grouping and extended sorting to SPL's ArrayObject
programming, php, spl, arrayobject
Birth of AI
programming, php, humour
Songs I've enjoyed recently
Converting pixels to centimeters, considering DPI resolution
dpi, pixels, centimeters
Untitled #1
Bible reading year
bible, religion, lifeimprovement
Re: Million's of Linux Users, they can't all be experts.
comments, linux, davidthomas
Re: I don't like tags
tagging, stephanwaba, comments
Password vulnerabilities
migueldeicaza, security, reddit, openid
When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer
waltwhitman, poems
Klangbilder (1)
music, minilogue, shauninman, calexico, giantsand, jackconte, juandiegoflorez, partsandlabor


Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt in the metro
Scaling web applications with HMVC
Old calendar designs
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Scalar type hints in upcoming PHP version?
Big Picture: National Geographic 2010 photo contest
VCS ignore templates
Stromae: Alors on danse
PHP Template Attribute Language
Jeremy Keith: The Design of HTML5
Georg Friedrich Händel: Zadok the Priest
OpenRheinRuhr 2010
Paul Kalkbrenner Livesets
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
A List Apart: Introduction to Git
Hiring programmers
Responsive web design
The Social Network
Installing the Zend Framework into the document root
Friday music dump
music, youtube
Dazzle camouflage
Flags of the world
What is Dependency Injection?
Insomnia suburbia
Martin Solveig: Hello
music, youtube
CSS3 selectors for IE
CSS3 template layout module
Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
Falling sand games
A History of the World in 100 objects
October sun
The art of washoku
Boccherini: Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid
music, youtube
The Chess Master and the Computer
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
LiteratePrograms wiki
A stranger's hand
Science for Girls
Andy Gilmore
The next 5,000 days of the web
Joakim Dahlqvist: Aristide and Podalida
The Pac-Man Dossier
In for the long haul?
The problem with web mobile apps
Paterson's worms
Visualization of Atari 2600 game code
art, programming, benfry
There is only one outbox
Regina Spektor - Us
music, youtube, video, reginaspektor
Data liberation at Google
thecloud, google, freedom
Layer 8
programming, layer8
Cover versions
photography, flickr, remix, pelicanbooks
Introduction to PHP frameworks
programming, php
Unendlicher Spaß -- Infinite Jest
books, davidfosterwallace, infinitejest, unendlicherspaß
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
humour, youtube, video, typography
Programming cheat sheets
programming, javascript, cheatsheet
Ironic process theory
Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes
art, sollewitt
Alex Jones/The Entertainer mashup
video, mashup, alexjones
art, japan, nami, syoinkajii
Baby photos could help to get a lost wallet returned
Broken windows theory
psychology, brokenwindowstheory, urbanplanning
video, infinitesummer, comedy, baratsandbereta
Statistics vs. Iran election
statistics, iran
Infinite Summer kicks off
Fever released
shauninman, fever
Facebook profile URLs
facebook, rants
art, photography, khristianmendoza
The Interface of a Cheeseburger
design, cheeseburgers
Jung Typology Test
lifeimprovement, psychology, jungtypologytest
Doubt is better than certainty
lifeimprovement, miltonglaser
Hosanna - Hillsong
music, video, hillsong
Child soldiers
Elektrochemie LK - When I Rock
music, video, elektrochemielk
Never underestimate the web
Cyclomatic complexity
Computer Skills
art, performanceart, charlesbroskoski
Universal IE6 stylesheet
webdesign, css, ie6
Privileges of male programmers
programming, humour, lists
lifeimprovement, joelspolsky
Infinite Summer
davidfosterwallace, infinitesummer
Human landscapes from above
photography, jasonhawkes, desirepaths
David Lynch: Interview Project
davidlynch, interviewproject, interviews
Clayton Cubitt
art, video, claytoncubitt, nsfw
Subways at scale
White Space
art, silkeschöner
Moloko live at Pinkpop 2004
music, video, moloko, live
It's all fun and games...
Contact intro
films, video, contact, powersoften, rayeames
Grouping elements in UI design
webdesign, ryansinger, ui
Danny MacAskill
video, sports, bicycle, dannymacaskill
Let's find some beautiful place...
lifeimprovement, art, photography, flickr, landscape, rural, shaunsundholm
Wolf and pig
stopmotion, video, takeuchitaijin
Penguin robots
video, robotics, penguins, technology
Saturn revisited
photography, saturn, cassini, thebigpicture, space
Improving web typography
webdesign, css, typography, antoniocarusone
music, art, games, balldroppings
Water footprint
infographics, environment
music, video, 99matters, interview
A conversation with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
stevejobs, billgates
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars
photography, astronomy, apod
Free Music Archive
music, download, free, freemusicarchive
Photographs by Josef Schulz
photography, josefschulz
The Cult of Done Manifesto
lifeimprovement, lists, brepettis, kiostark
TeX Catalogue
Harmonie ist eine Strategie
music, tocotronic, cover
Infographics error art
errorart, matthewbloch, infographics
Signs of spring
photography, bigpicture, nature
Good advice
Wall Street on the Tundra
globalfinancialcrisis, iceland
Six-Word Reviews of SXSW MP3s
music, free, paulford, sxsw2009
Taxicab geometry
Amazon's Kindle
business, amazon, kindle
Download tool for Google's Picasa Web Albums
google, picasa, tools
Rembrandt paintings
art, paintings, rembrandt
100 songs, 100 dances
video, dancing, elykim
Olly Moss
art, design, ollymoss
Dancing soldiers
video, mashup, rundmc, dancing
New York 2008
newyork, video, vicentesahuc, slowmotion
shauninman, css, anthonyshort, csscacheer, csscaffold
Penguin Classics' Harry Potter
mscorley, harrypotter, penguin, bookcovers
Keep calm and carry on
lifeimprovement, posters, motivation
Losing data
thecloud, ma.gnolia
Microprinter project
programming, arduino, microprocessor, tomtaylor, microprinter
Don't you write a book about this, George Orwell!
georgeorwell, comics, katebeaton
Google Latitude
thecloud, privacy, google, googlelatitude
One Mile Scroll
graphs, visualization, graphviz
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy discography
music, bonnieprincebilly
Developing Adobe Flex applications on Ubuntu
programming, ubuntu, adobe, flex, red5, workshops
Avoiding resume mistakes
Baby time lapse
video, timelapse, baby
Muxtape is back
music, muxtape, ofmontreal, m.i.a.
A Thousand Words
video, tedchung
Esther Tyson's paintings
art, painting, esthertyson
Obama's people
photography, barackobama
Kevin Kelly on ownership
thecloud, kevinkelly
Glitch: Perfect Imperfections
design, imanmoradi
Photo of Lake Michigan
photography, lakemichigan
I am an American
barackobama, politics, usa
Big Picture: Earth, observed
photography, bigpicture, earth
ariel.chico on Flickr
photography, flickr, japan
Two redesigns
webdesign, kottke
Falling trees
photography, nature, davidpaulbayles
This is Japan
photography, video, japan
Antony and the Johnsons: The Crying Light
music, antonyandthejohnsons
Windows 7 vs. Dance Dance Revolution
humour, windows7, dancedancerevolution
Stephen Wiltshire
stephenwiltshire, savantsyndrome
NYT about Ubuntu, its leader and the mainstream
linux, ubuntu, canonical, markshuttleworth, business, opensource
Amy Bennett
art, paintings, amybennett
The Hood Internet Mixtape Three
music, download, free, thehoodinternet, mashup
New Yorker Covers
art, covers, newyorker, magazines
Scenes from the Gaza Strip
photography, bigpicture
Sir Terry Pratchett
American pie
music, youtube, donmclean, americanpie
30 most notable blogs of 2008
lists, 2008
Twentieth issue of Full Circle
linux, ubuntu, fullcircle
New Year's resolutions
Happy New Year 2009
newyear, 2009, deathcabforcutie
One year in images
art, photography, video, nature
Graph theory problem
computerscience, graphtheory
Orange juice
juice, fruit, drinks
Earth from above
photography, free, yannarthusbertrand
Hilarious comparisons
malcolmgladwell, sideshowbob, thesimpsons
Machine tags
tagging, programming, i18n, microformats
Gustav Klimt
art, gustavklimt, painter
Art Deco architecture by S. Charles Lee
art, design, artdeco, scharleslee
Introduction to em layouts
webdesign, jontan, css
Lunar transit of earth
photography, space, youtube, science, video, moon, earth, astronomy
Efdemin - Bergwein
music, youtube, efdemin, minimal
The year 2008 in pictures
photography, 2008, bigpicture
Why you should have a web site
thecloud, stevenpemberton
Quilted landscape maps
art, handcraft, maps
On Kawara
art, onkawara, conceptualart, today
Bible reading plans
bible, religion, lifeimprovement, christianity
Smokers outside the hospital doors
music, youtube, editors
Intro to the Arduino
programming, arduino, assembler, microprocessor
Backus-Naur Form
computerscience, backusnaurform, syntax
Painting the Mona Lisa in 50 polygons
programming, computerscience, hillclimbing, algorithms, monalisa
Maxing out your triangle
lifeimprovement, jackcheng
Artists of Brücke
art, paintings, diebrücke, germany, expressionism
These days
lifeimprovement, dogs, video, deanallen
4th Estate celebration film
4thestate, stopmotion, films, aptstudio
Street art on BBC Blast
art, streetart, bbc, bbcblast, banksy, faile, blu
Kanye West's "808 & Heartbreak" on YouTube
music, youtube, playlist, kanyewest
Flaws of OpenID
security, openid
Radiolab feature on "Choice"
science, radio, radiolab, choice, psychology
Wax paintings
art, paintings, wax, mattduffin, themorningnews
In the Reins
music, calexico, youtube, ironandwine
Firefox keyword bookmarking
lifehacker, firefox, bookmarks
Rough Science show
pbs, television, roughscience, science
Mozart's Requiem on YouTube
music, wolfgangamadeusmozart, youtube, requiem, playlist
Bertolt Brecht's FBI file
bertoltbrecht, erwinpiscator, fbi, newyork
Rudyard Kipling: If
poems, lifeimprovement, rudyardkipling
Minimalism in webdesign
markpilgrim, minimalism, webdevelopment
Inspiring books
lists, literature
simile, timeline, ajax
So Luis uses Gmail
Fear the semantic web
programming, semanticweb, education, zotero, endnote, paulford, freedom
Not-so-advanced PHP tips
programming, php, rants
3D-Stereogram Tetris
tetris, stereograms, games
Giant ant colony
ants, hivemind
Google Street View easter egg
art, google, googlestreetview, robinhewlett, benkinsley
Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Great Dictator
charliechaplin, thegreatdictator
Buster Keaton
busterkeaton, doctorwho, orbital
Web-based operating systems
Smart kids
10 ways to amuse a geek
humour, lists
Michael Caine on acting
michaelcaine, acting
Rules for clear writing
matthewhelmke, writing, humor
How to work better
lifeimprovement, art, fischliweiss, howto
Katarina Stefanović's photography
photography, flickr, katarinastefanovic, landscape
We are without excuse
sartre, goethe, quotation
Auditory illusions
illusion, audio
Rodrigo y Gabriela
music, guitar, mexican, rodrigoygabriela
Obama in the news
barackobama, covers
The Bic Picure: Barack Obama
photography, thebigpicture, barackobama
Roger Ebert on rating movies
movies, rogerebert, ratingsystem
Should I buy a Macintosh?
linux, apple, macintosh, markpilgrim
Last days of David Foster Wallace
davidfosterwallace, rollingstone
Edwin Morgan
music, edwinmorgan, scottish, poetry, idlewild
NaNoReMo 2008
nanoremo, 2008
Ubuntu 8.10 released
linux, ubuntu, kubuntu
English words with uncommon properties
language, english
KT Meany on presentations
publicspeaking, ktmeaney
A photo of Robert Johnson?
photography, music:artist=robertjohnson, rogerfenton,
The future is so awesome
asofterworld, webcomic
Wikipedia bookmarks
wikipedia, fivethings
On computer programming
music, indierock, download, free, daytrotter, maritime
Entry stone
HTTP music streaming
music, php, thecloud, zx2c4music, musica, jasondonenfeld, dustinkirkland, streaming
Facebook in a crowd
halneidzviecki, jeffreyzeldman, facebook, socialweb
The Big Picture: Enceladus
photography, enceladus, saturn, cassini, thebigpicture, space
World heritage photos
photography, flickr, worldheritage
Cartoon-Off: Randall Munroe
farleykatz, randallmunroe, xkcd, cartoonoff
Cloud culture
thecloud, kevinkelly, privacy
Destination Saturn
Stallman on cloud computing
richardstallman, thecloud
De Bono’s thinking hats
edwarddebono, thought
David Foster Wallace, R.I.P.
rip, davidfosterwallace
Days with my father
photography, philliptoledano
Randy Pausch, R.I.P.
randypausch, rip
Russland von oben
photography, russia, moscow
Buchcover von David Pearson
davidpearson, willyfleckhaus, suhrkamp
Baby’s First Internet
kevinfanning, keansoo
Joey Comeau interviewt Ryan North
joeycomeau, ryannorth, asofterworld, dinosaurcomics
Fotos vor Beginn der Olympiade
beijing, olympics2008, photography


Costa Rica
The Forum Seen from the Farnese Gardens
painting, jeanbaptistecamillecorot
Please do not be cynical
lifeimprovement, quotes
Recent work: Meller Tafel e.V.