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Visualization of Atari 2600 game code
art, programming, benfry
PHP: A helper function for rendering calendar table layouts
programming, php, snippet
PHP: Using XML as a "lightweight" markup language
programming, php, xml, dom
PHP: Adding grouping and extended sorting to SPL's ArrayObject
programming, php, spl, arrayobject
Layer 8
programming, layer8
Introduction to PHP frameworks
programming, php
Programming cheat sheets
programming, javascript, cheatsheet
Cyclomatic complexity
Privileges of male programmers
programming, humour, lists
Birth of AI
programming, php, humour
Microprinter project
programming, arduino, microprocessor, tomtaylor, microprinter
Developing Adobe Flex applications on Ubuntu
programming, ubuntu, adobe, flex, red5, workshops
Machine tags
tagging, programming, i18n, microformats
Intro to the Arduino
programming, arduino, assembler, microprocessor
Painting the Mona Lisa in 50 polygons
programming, computerscience, hillclimbing, algorithms, monalisa
Fear the semantic web
programming, semanticweb, education, zotero, endnote, paulford, freedom
Not-so-advanced PHP tips
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On computer programming