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Cover versions
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Human landscapes from above
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Let's find some beautiful place...
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Saturn revisited
photography, saturn, cassini, thebigpicture, space
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars
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Photographs by Josef Schulz
photography, josefschulz
Signs of spring
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Obama's people
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Photo of Lake Michigan
photography, lakemichigan
Big Picture: Earth, observed
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ariel.chico on Flickr
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Falling trees
photography, nature, davidpaulbayles
This is Japan
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Scenes from the Gaza Strip
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One year in images
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Earth from above
photography, free, yannarthusbertrand
Lunar transit of earth
photography, space, youtube, science, video, moon, earth, astronomy
The year 2008 in pictures
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Katarina Stefanović's photography
photography, flickr, katarinastefanovic, landscape
The Bic Picure: Barack Obama
photography, thebigpicture, barackobama
A photo of Robert Johnson?
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The Big Picture: Enceladus
photography, enceladus, saturn, cassini, thebigpicture, space
World heritage photos
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Days with my father
photography, philliptoledano
Russland von oben
photography, russia, moscow
Fotos vor Beginn der Olympiade
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