Muxtape is back

Published on 27 Jan 2009. Tagged with music, muxtape, ofmontreal, m.i.a..

Some time ago, Muxtape, a minimalistic site where users could upload playlists with their favourite songs for others to enjoy, was shut down because The Music Industry didn't like the idea and they haven't been able to work out some kind of deal. Now Muxtape is back with a new concept:

[W]e're recreating the site as a platform for bands to promote and market themselves. The goal of Muxtape remains facilitating the discovery of new music, and anyone can still create a mix from the music available on the site.

There's not a lot of content yet, but of Montreal's cover of "Jimmy" is quite nice. (I couldn't figure out how to link to the song on Muxtape, so YouTube it is: cover by of Montreal, original by M.I.A. Good stuff.)

I'm a bit sceptical whether there's enough hype for Muxtape to make the new approach a success.